Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalitis



From The Parliament of New South Wales.


Mr GREG APLIN ( Albury ) ( 20:15 ): I have witnessed the damage wrought on healthy, happy individuals by chronic fatigue syndrome. I have also witnessed the additional harm caused by health professionals and ordinary people who regard it as “all in the mind”. This is a one-two hit that delivers an almighty blow to sufferers, their families and friends, who know the hard truth, and who live with this dark shadow day by day. According to the Commonwealth Government Health Direct:

Chronic fatigue syndrome [CFS], also known as Myalgic Encephalitis [ME], is an illness that affects the nervous system. It causes extreme fatigue that cannot be explained by any other medical condition. If you have CFS/ME you are likely to feel very tired, very often, even if you have not been active. You may also have a host of other symptoms. Doctors do not yet understand the cause or causes of CFS/ME, and there is no simple cure.

The symptoms sound not that bad really—from ongoing, unexplained tiredness to headaches, muscle and joint pain, sort throat, loss of memory, poor concentration, and more. But in reality they can be very severe. Recently I received a letter written on behalf of Ainslie Campbell, who lives on her parents’ farm in Henty. I thank Ainslie, her partner, Tim Carkeek, and her parents, Peter and Alison Campbell, for giving me permission to speak openly and honestly about Ainslie’s health condition and to raise awareness of ME-CFS. In so doing, I will draw upon the letter written by their friend Cindy Scott, promoting a telling film on the condition, which will be shown in Henty. Before her illness, Ms Scott said that Ainslie was “a dynamo”. Ms Scott said:

She loved sport and academic work in equal measure and at school she broke swimming records, sang in regional choirs, and aced her exams. After school she followed her dream of becoming a veterinarian. While at university she studied like a swot, played netball like a pro, and partied with a passion.

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