Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What if you got the flu and it never left?



By Linda Pecone in The Lyons Recorder.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has been described like getting the worst flu you have ever had, times 10, that never gets better. CFS currently affects more than one million Americans, striking more people than multiple sclerosis and many forms of cancer. The main characterization of CFS is a persistent fatigue. A fatigue which can last for several months and does not improve rest. It doesn’t begin from any underlying condition, and its onset is usually very sudden. For

some, symptoms can last a lifetime. Other symptoms can be a persistent sore throat, frequent headaches, sleep disturbances, low-grade fever and chills, poor concentration, impaired memory, tender lymph nodes, digestive disturbances, and general muscle weakness.

Mainstream practitioners generally treat CFS with antidepressants and painkillers as, though it is experienced in the body, mainstream practitioners believe it to be a mental condition which creates it. These medications can provide short-term relief, but rarely do they result in long term remission of symptoms. In order to shift chronic fatigue, you must understand and treat the root cause of it. For most, this will be adrenal fatigue or an underlying inflammatory or autoimmune condition.

Those that suffer with CFS typically require long periods of time off work. This can place a great strain on relationships and brings general feelings of unhappiness or helplessness, and it can be financially draining. However, there are some natural therapies which can provide a successful way to reverse chronic fatigue by healing the body one step at a time. Studies show that some of the best results have been seen by focusing on boosting the immune, adrenal and liver function. Enhancing the immune defenses helps to reduce systemic inflammation and restore the adrenal glands.


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