Chronic Illness Brings Unexpected Costs That Are Leaving People In Debt




By Laura Abernethy in The Metro.


When dealing with a chronic illness, there can be lots of unexpected costs. Although we have a national health service that means everyone can get free treatment, there’s the cost of travelling for appointments, prescription charges, hospital parking, buying equipment or paying for treatment that isn’t available on the NHS, and it can all build up. One of the most difficult things is dealing with conditions that can be unpredictable and can lead to long and frequent periods out of work. If you are self-employed or don’t get sick pay, you face a huge loss of income. Statutory sick pay is just £94.25 a week and it is paid for a maximum of 28 weeks by your employer. For many, the only option is to turn to credit cards or loans to pay for these expenses but as these costs spiral, slipping into debt crisis can be easy.


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