Coronavirus Could Cause Secondary Illnesses Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Experts Warn


By Sarah Newey in The Telegraph.


Covid-19 may trigger post-viral fatigue syndrome in some patients, experts have warned, amid growing evidence that an infection could have significant long term health repercussions.

While initial reports focused on the impact that the coronavirus has on the respiratory system, a stream of medical papers published over the last few weeks suggest that the contagion can get deep into our vascular system and even our brains.

“We’re at the very primitive stage in terms of understanding the long term effects of this pandemic,” said Dr Harvey Moldofsky, former professor of Psychiatry and Medicine at the University of Toronto’s Center for Sleep and Chronobiology. “But it’s clear that it doesn’t just attack the lungs, it’s everywhere.

“Based on my experience with Sars, I am deeply concerned that our definition of ‘recovered’ is far too narrow. It’s likely that some patients will experience chronic fatigue syndromes for months or even years after an initial infection,” Dr Moldofsky told The Telegraph.


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