Could ME/CFS Be A Chronic, Ongoing Brain And Spinal Cord Injury – That Is Exacerbated By Exertion ?

Vagus Nerve

By Jeff Woods in Health Rising.


(Jeff Wood’s remarkable recovery following spinal surgery to correct craniocervical instability (CCI) and tethered cord shocked the ME/CFS community. It’s safe to say that almost no one saw that coming.  In this piece Jeff – the former ME/CFS patient who started all this off – proposes that the pain, fatigue, etc. in ME/CFS could potentially all be explained mechanically.)


I invite you to engage with me in a thought experiment.

One of the central puzzles of myalgic encephalomyelitis is that multiple triggering events can lead to ME — viral infections, Fluroquinolone antibiotics, impact trauma, surgery, pregnancy, overtraining, m­­old exposure, and others — yet the symptoms of ME are consistent.

I have a proposal that might possibly explain this: Perhaps all these triggers lead to a failure of the body’s connective tissue, and perhaps some people’s connective tissues are more vulnerable to failure in response to these triggers.


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