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By Anil van der Zee.


As a dancer I have been surprised by the treatments I’ve received for my disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I want to share my opinion from a dancer’s perspective. What do other professional ballet dancers think about the treatments and the current care that’s being offered to ME patients??




When I became ill in Switzerland in 2007 my general practitioner (GP) sent me to the hospital. The internist did a full blood work and came to the conclusion I had a Cytomegaloviral infection. Nothing to be worried about. It will pass. Rest and let’s see in a few weeks time. At this time I had already been ill for over a week. And during that week I tried to keep training. But something was off. At the second exercise in the classical training, the plié, I started to get lactic acid as if I had just done a whole ballet. I got light-headed and started to feel feverish. I had been on stage with numerous injuries, colds and even fever, however, this was different. My body just couldn’t handle the exertion, didn’t recover, leaving me to feel as though I was unable to push through.


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