Dear Bug… I Don’t Survive at Being An Adrenaline Junkie



By Jessica Taylor-Bearman.


Dear Bug… I Don’t Survive at Being an Adrenaline Junkie

It’s interesting when you learn things about yourself that have probably always been there but I’d not even noticed. This week I’ve been in London, well for four days – a mini week!

I really wanted to attend The Author School and learn a little bit more about the craft I want to get into doing. I’ve lived in a World of One Room for so long now that I feel pretty disconnected to how the world works now. Time for me to go to school again! It was run by Helen Lewis and Abiola Bello with lots of guest speakers. It really was insightful, and full of the most wonderful creative bunch of people.

It was also made really accessible for me and my needs with lifts, and even a place where I could rest when my M.E. monster became too brain fogged. This was the whole reason we came to London, just for The Author School but it meant I’d have to be up there a few days to cope with the drive.


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