Dear Bug… When The Nights Are Long…




By Jessica Taylor-Bearman.

My escapades with the change of drugs reached fever pitch three weeks ago, when I rang up the doctors with a blood pressure of 80/50….The dearest junior doctor had told me or more like made me promise that if my blood pressure went under 90/60, that I’d ring for an ambulance. That would be ridiculous, I would be ringing an ambulance all day, every day and not only is that not practical but the ambulance service is stretched beyond capacity. The pressure is overwhelming and there was no way I was adding to it, when I knew what the problem was… you guessed it! My new drug, Tizanidine.

To be honest, I thought the symptoms would wear off over time so I tried my hardest to stick to it but all I could do was sleep and feel grotty. I woke up frustrated at my inadequacies, and decided to give in and ring the doctors. My doctors are pretty darn good but normally it’s a tad difficult to swing it with the receptionists. Even though they were about to close, when they heard my blood pressure readings, they told me to come in fifteen minutes then they would see me. We rushed down there and happened to see the senior GP who has been looking after me for seven and a half years.


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