Disabilities Are Not Always Obvious. Don’t Judge Us Without Knowing The Full Story

Disability Dice


By Nia Sims in The Guardian.


Too many of my friends have told me of being abused by strangers when using an accessible (or “disabled”) parking space. Sometimes there is a note left under the windscreen wiper – “you should be ashamed of yourself, I saw you and there’s nothing wrong with you. I’ve taken your license plate and will report you”. Other times it’s a verbal aggression on getting in or out of the car.

These are friends who have a disability parking permit clearly displayed on the windscreen, but what they fail to display is a disability that is immediately apparent to others. Some of my friends tell me they respond angrily, others are fearful, many feel shaken. They tell me that they feel their privacy is being violated – the accusation of wrongdoing has the disabled person often feeling pressured to explain their incapacity to justify their behaviour.


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