Don’t Judge Appearances For Accessible Parking And Other Needs

Invisible Illness


From Invisible Disabilities Association.


Don’t judge appearances. People with invisible disabilities don’t LOOK Disabled.

Don’t judge appearances when you think you see someone abusing privileges or rights reserved for the disabled because you might be making a common mistake based on perception. Have you ever seen someone get out of a car parked in a space reserved for the disabled, who did not LOOK disabled? Did it make you very uncomfortable or even upset? Did you let them know of your disapproval by giving them a dirty look or yelling something at them?

Well, you are not alone. Many people are very disturbed by the sight of a seemingly mobile person taking the space of someone who is truly in need of it. After all, we want to protect the rights of people for whom these spaces are reserved!

However, in our efforts to help those who deserve these parking spaces, we actually may be hurting someone who has a legal right and a legitimate need to park there. How can this be true, you ask? Isn’t it obvious who does and who does not have a disability? The answer is… no, don’t judge appearances.


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