DwME Joins Call For NICE To Maintain Scientific Process

From Doctors With ME.

Further to our position statement on the 2021 NICE guideline update, Doctors with M.E. has joined the call for NICE to ensure that unconsulted changes are not injected, as these would avoid scrutiny by the scientific community.

DwME considers the 2021 NICE guideline to be a watershed moment in the history of ME/CFS medical care in the UK. We have signed the below letter to ensure that progress towards evidence based foundations is not lost or undermined.

The opportunity for doctors and patients to come together to develop more concordant and productive relationships is also at stake. That opportunity depends on management of the process and perceptions of it. This is particularly the case due to the controversial history of the 2007 guidelines versus the evidence base, regardless even of the prematurely short-circuited judicial review at the time. Due process must not just be adhered to, it must be seen to be equitable.

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DwME joins call for NICE to maintain scientific process | Doctors with M.E.

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