Esther McVey Loses In Court On Universal Credit – But Says She Will Still Fight Others

Esther Mcvey


By Ros Wynne Jones in the Mirror.


The long waits for help under UC continue to drive impoverished families below the breadline.

In May I wrote about the ­distressing case of two men – one dying and one disabled – fighting Esther McVey in the high court over cuts to their support due to Universal Credit.

This fight gave the lie to McVey’s often repeated claims that “anyone who is moved to universal credit without a change of circumstance will not lose out in cash terms”.

Before they were changed to UC, the men received Severe Disability Premium and Enhanced Disability Premium – benefits specifically designed to support around 500,000 severely disabled people in the UK who live alone without carers.

Under UC, they were losing £178 of support every month.

Though the men can’t be named for legal reasons, their testimonies make for harrowing reading.


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