Feb 16: CDC Grand Rounds Webcast On CFS

Russell Logan



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1hr webcast seminar on recommendations from IOM and P2P reports into ME/CFS

By Russell Logan in Shout Out About ME.


Every month the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hosts an hour long seminar from the CDC Auditorium in Atlanta.

These seminars focus on current key topics, and for February the topic will emphasize ME/CFS/SEID and the recommendations made in two special reports: recent recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Redefining an Illness)* and the Pathway to Prevention (P2P) report.

The seminar will include presentations by Dr. Beth Unger (Chief of CDC’s Chronic Viral Diseases Branch), Dr. Lapp, Dr. Tony Komaroff (Harvard School of Medicine) and Dr. Avi Nath (NIH’s NINDR).

This session of Public Health Grand Rounds will describe the illness and impact on patients, present CDC’s work addressing ME/CFS as a public health problem, present IOM recommendations, and discuss next steps to addressing this problem.

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