Hello, lovely chums!

Once again I find myself in the position of apologising for not having posted in a while. And boy, it has been a while. But, as many of you know, I don’t believe in writing for the sake of it and will only share on this blog when I have something that I really want to say.

In the coming months, there will be a lot to write about, as I’m getting ready to embark on a really exciting project that is targetted specifically at young people with chronic illness. I can’t wait to share more information with you guys, but it’s still in very early stages and would be far too soon to spill the beans!

There’s not all that much to report on, except that I successfully managed to dislocate my knee while I was in Paris and have been uber-resting it to make sure it heals properly. I’m used to subluxations (so many), but bloody hell, dislocations are the worst! Fingers crossed in a couple more weeks it will be better!