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Natasha Lipman


But Natasha Lipman.


I can’t believe that it has almost been a year since I finally bought my first ever powerchair, the Rascal P321 (also called my ‘Mario Kart’ or ‘The Dizzy Rascal’ by my friends – cos I have PoTS and am always dizzy, gettit?)

It truly was a long time coming, and I’ve written a lot about my experiences as a new wheelchair user, both positive and negative, and generally how life-changing a decision it has been over on my Instagram.

I’ve learned so much in that time about wheelchairs, accessibility, discrimination, and toeing that weird line between visible and invisible disability. It has genuinely been, alongside my beloved robot-bed, the best thing I have ever purchased.

As much as I love that chair, it’s not something that I found easy to transport. In spite of the claims of it being ultra-light and easy to take apart, the pieces are extremely heavy, they take up a lot of space in the car, and even the strong able-bodied people who help me get out and about got frustrated pretty quickly when taking it in and out of cars. It has caused a fair amount of problems as soon as there was a tiny step, requiring some huffing and puffing to lug it onto the tube that was supposedly already accessible. Sigh. London.


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