Free Smoke Detectors –Supplied and Fitted


Every year or so I make sure I change the batteries in my Smoke Detectors at home just to make sure that if I do burn my breakfast, or worse, they will detect it and make sure I don’t end up the way of the toast !

I was going to remind you to do the same and it occurred to me that you might not be in a position to change the batteries yourselves, if indeed you have detectors.

After a bit of investigating, you will be pleased to know that wherever you are in the country, your local Fire Station will give you a free Home Risk Assessment which will include the free fitting of up to two Smoke Detectors.

It should be noted that this is for privately owned houses.  Under new legislation, anyone renting should have these supplied by their landlord.  The assessment is normally carried out by your local Fire Station officers arriving in a fire engine !  If you prefer however, you can ask for a Community Safety Officer to visit, which will be a little more discreet, and maybe easier to cope with.

For those of us in the York area, you just need to call 01609 788 545.  You will be asked a couple of questions to ensure you’re in the area that they cover and will set a date with the local station.

For anyone outside of the York area, you should be able to get the contact number from your local phone book or just ask Mr Google.

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