From Paralysis To Fatigue: A Critical Review Of Edward Shorter’s View On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



From ME/CFS Skeptic.

Canadian historian Edward Shorter is one of the most influential writers to have dismissed the illness myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). In his articles, Shorter has described ME/CFS as a “trendy non-disease”, “a psychic epidemic” and a “pseudo-disease that does not exist.” Because Shorter’s work is still being cited, this blog post will analyze and critically review his statements on ME/CFS.

A popular reference to dismiss ME/CFS

Shorter is a social historian who has written books about the making of the modern family, psychotic depression, a history of women’s bodies, and various other topics. His latest book tells the story of porn star celebrity Stormy Daniels and “how the adult entertainment industry teaches us, shapes our behavior and enhances our lives.” He has written about many subjects, but his main expertise is the history of psychiatry and this is what interests us here.


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