Getting A Tooth Out With M.E. !


By Bill Clayton.

Just a little update on the tooth extraction.

I’ve just been talking about this as ME means that I needed a general aesthetic due to not being able to deal with the lights, vibrations, and the whole construction team that would have to climb into my mouth at the same time !

All went well, the tooth seemingly just popped out. Had the normal local anesthetic to the gum area as well, despite concerns about the adrenaline factor. All ok, no further side effects because of it.  I had heard from a number of people that the adrenaline used in the local anesthetic can add to our already ‘heightened’ state.  I discussed this with the doctor prior to the op, snd decided to go ahead with using it. The alternative was likely to have more bleeding as the wound would clot less easily.

The whole team at York Hospital Day Unit and in the Recover Unit were brilliant,  switching off lights and closed curtains to cut down on the brightness for me.

My only gripe is that I haven’t got the tooth to be sure I get a visit from the tooth fairy !!!

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