GPs Speak Ahead Of Election: ‘Under-Funding And Decay Are Breaking Our Hearts’



By Paul Gallagher in iNews.


“I sit down and look at the list [of patients] to be seen today,” says GP Jamie Haynes. “I know the faces of more than two-thirds. I know where they live, which of their relatives have died and, on a good day, which of their kids I’d done the baby check for. “When calling them through, I can see and work out in what way they look different to normal – how they’re walking, how much eye contact they’re making, how they speak, based on what I know about what their version of ‘normal’ is. Continuity allows me this privilege.” Although Dr Hynes, who works in Dudley, West Midlands, says his work is “demanding, exhausting and frustrating” at times, he also describes it as “more rewarding than any other imaginable career”.

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