Hannah Pearl Discusses Writing With M.E.




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As Hannah Pearls’ debut novel appears on bookshop shelves, she talks to us of writing – and reading – with M.E. …

I’ve always loved books. One of my first memories of school was finding a small gap between pieces of furniture where I could sit and read. Even now, when I’m reading something that I love, I carry the book from room to room with me, just in case I can carve out thirty seconds to sneak a quick page or two.

I got ill in 2014 and suddenly books became even more important to me. I had labrynthitis which didn’t resolve fully and the nausea and dizziness were horrible, but by reading I could escape to cafes in castles and cake shops by the sea and just for a few minutes I could forget how hard life had become.

I’m not sure that I would ever have become a writer without my Kindle. I re-read lots of books that I already loved. Then I bought some more. And when that became expensive I read lots of free books. Sometimes I discovered amazing authors and quickly devoured their entire back catalogues. Sometimes I read things by people who were like me, writing for the sheer love of it. It gave me the confidence to start trying to get my own work published.


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