‘Hard To Cope’ Mum-Of-Two With Chronic Fatigue Says Condition Is Triggered By Her Noisy Kids

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By John Siddle and Gemma Mullin, Digital Health Reporter in The Sun.


Katy Beardsworth has ME and has to lie down in a dark room when her kids start being loud.

Katy Beardsworth, 38, has ME – a cruel illness which presents as unrelenting exhaustion and profound pain.

The deeply misunderstood neurological condition affects more than 250,000 people in the UK and for which there is no cure.

One in four are so severely affected that they are rendered housebound or bedbound – with some even reliant on tube feeding.

Sufferers are often confined to their beds, unable to walk, and need help even to shower – an action that could then lay them low for hours, or even days.

Mum-of-two Katy, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, became ill after the birth of her second child, Eliza, two.

Highly sensitive

Her neurological illness is made worse by exertion – including sensitivity to sound and light.

It means that her toddlers’ touch and voice can be too painful to tolerate.


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