Health Rising: Montreal ME/CFS I: Metabolism The Main Matter? Exercise Issues Expand & A Bad Brain Motor ?



By Cort Johnson in Open Medicine Foundation.


I thought I was in Paris, so much French was being spoken. The conversations in the cafes, on the streets, in the subways – everywhere – were in French. It turns out that with its 4,000,000 plus residents, Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world. I couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying but the beauty of the language was evident. (Thankfully, they quickly switch to English when needed.)

My Parisian Uber driver told me, however, that Canadian French is not correct French at all – it is, he sniffed, anglicized French which he had trouble understanding at first. French, he assured me, is the easiest language to learn because, in contrast to English, it actually has rules that it follows. Plus, in French you actually say all the letters. He demonstrated that by pronouncing Toronto the way it should be pronounced (Tor-on-To) and then the way he said Torontonians pronounce it (Tor-an-do). (A Torontonian informs me the pronunciation is more like “tronno”). He also informed me, that because the French were first on the green and gentle isle that is England, English is actually French spoken poorly. ????


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