How Dare You Judge My Handicap Sticker



By Ellen Smith in National Pain Report.


Having to go to appointments to my doctor here in Rhode Island, so we can again fill out the form for the state to confirm that I still qualify for a handicap sticker for me, causes a humiliating and heartbreaking feeling to have to be reminded that I have two incurable conditions. And yet, I have to get that signature to confirm that I am still dealing with this future. And then, when I am not in a wheelchair, thus appearing normal, I also have to deal with those of you out there who feel so free to judge people like me, despite possessing no knowledge of conditions that require the need for this. So many jump to the conclusion that I am probably not deserving any special compensation.

So what has brought this judgement by others towards those of us with the  handicap placard? It reminds me of the unpleasant memories back in elementary school where one classmate would do something stupid, the teacher would ask who was responsible, not one would rat on that person nor would the person give themselves up. The result would be the entire class had to face the punishment. It always stuck with me that punishing the many for the sins of a few as being overly punitive and unfair, and here we are now as grown ups still facing that type of attitude.


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