How To Build A Better NHS With A Beefed Up Front Line Of Empowered GPs


Story by Philip Haynes in The Conversation.

Britain’s National Health Service has spent much of its lifetime trying to get GP services right. The answer lies in a simple combination of scale and specialisation that could bring efficiency as well as improved care. As the NHS hunts even more savings during a spending squeeze, the need has rarely been greater.

The local doctor’s surgery is most people’s point of first contact with the NHS and is all important in the modern world of health care. It is where demand and need management meet and where flaws in the system can be solved at source. Expanding what is available by building networks of surgeries would make that easier. Once someone enters the more complex health systems up the chain, costs rise rapidly if they are misdiagnosed or sent for inappropriate treatments.


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Link to NHS story in The Conversation

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