‘I Felt Betrayed’: How Covid Research Could Help Patients Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Christina Frangou in The Guardian.

In the fall of 2016, Ashanti Daniel, a nurse in Beverly Hills, California, went to an infectious disease physician looking for answers about a weird illness she couldn’t shake. After falling sick with a virus four months earlier, she still felt too tired to stand up in the shower.

The appointment lasted five minutes, she said. The doctor didn’t do a physical exam or check her vitals. His assessment: her illness was psychogenic, resulting from something psychological.

“I felt betrayed,” she said. “What I was saying to him about what was happening to my body should carry credibility, at the bare minimum.”

After the appointment, Daniel decided to try to push through whatever was dogging her. Daniel, a Black single mother of two, went to a yoga class – something she used to breeze through prior to her illness. “It’s good for my body and spirit,” she remembers thinking. “What could go wrong?”

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