Ian Lipkin & Simmaron To Collaborate In New NIH ME/CFS Research Center

Dr Ian Lipkin


By Cort Johnson and Courtney Miller in Simmaron Research.

(Dr Ian Lipkin pictured)

“These important grants will provide a strong foundation for expanding research in ME/CFS, and lead to knowledge about the causes and ways to treat people affected by this mysterious, heartbreaking, and debilitating disease,”

Dr. Francis S. Collins, Director of the NIH

Simmaron to Collaborate in Columbia’s Landmark NIH Center of Excellence


Dr. Ian Lipkin and the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University have been awarded one of three NIH grants to produce a collaborative research center dedicated to ME/CFS. Simmaron’s Scientific Advisor Dr. Daniel Peterson is a clinical collaborator on the team.

This collaboration is the culmination of a 6-year partnership between Columbia, Dr. Peterson and Simmaron Research, among others, that have produced 6 peer-reviewed publications that have identified immune changes leading to new profiles of patient subsets.

The total research grant package – $35 million for three research centers and a data center over a 5-year period – is likely the largest single infusion of NIH funding into ME/CFS research ever. The highly competitive NIH process involved 10 grant applications from across the U.S.


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