If Your Chronic Illness Is Making You Want to Give Up

Frustration Chronic Illness


By Candida Reece in The Mighty.

Having a chronic illness can mean life can be rough. It means going to the store with only one sock on because you didn’t want to go through the pain to find the other one; or maybe your shirt is inside out, or you have two different shoes, or clothes that aren’t even yours. It means being only 39 years old, but stopping twice walking up one flight of stairs because you have to sit down and rest. It sometimes means crawling the rest of the way because your body is just not having it.

Chronic illness means really having to take into consideration if the route you need to take is rough road, or smooth, because it can actually keep you from being able to handle the drive. It usually means having to disappoint someone because you just can’t force your body to do even one more little thing. It means having a son with compassion and an understanding far beyond his physical years because he’s seen his mother go through so much. Yes, it can mean the loss of innocence.


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