Impact Of ME/CFS On Quality Of Life Of The Patient And Family Members (Person With ME/CFS Questionnaire)



From ME Research UK.


Study Information for Person with ME/CFS

Having ME/CFS can have a huge impact on people’s wellbeing.

We want to find out how ME/CFS affects the quality of life of the person with ME/CFS and their life partner or other close family member. This is important because this will help healthcare workers to better understand and meet the needs of families.

Please help us by completing this short questionnaire.

The first part is to be completed by the person with ME/CFS.

Please note the term ‘usual activities’ in the questionnaire refers to the activities you were able to do before having ME/CFS.

The next part is to be completed by that person’s life partner or a close family member.

Please choose just one person to complete the ‘family’ section.

It is important that both sections are completed.


To take part in he survey, click on the link below:



Link to ME Survey

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