‘Insight’ On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Andrew’s Experience


From ME News Australia.


Andrew Bretherton was working as a personal trainer, kung fu and basketball coach and finishing a psychology and sports science degree when he became ill. He is now mostly housebound due to ME.

He tried graded exercise therapy at a Melbourne clinic where he was blamed for his illness, told he was averse to exercise and had the wrong type of personality.

Andrew wanted to go on SBS’ Insight to show what it’s like for the average patient.

“I can only imagine how bad it would be for someone who didn’t have a sports science or psychology background going through all this and then believing ‘oh okay, maybe it is in my head’ or what they were doing is acceptable practice when it’s not.”

While some participants on the show – Luke, Ketra and Andrew – were assessed using the International Consensus Criteria for ME, Andrew pointed out misdiagnosis is an issue and overtraining syndrome in athletes is referred to as ‘chronic fatigue’ which leads to confusion.


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