Invasion: The Source Of The Neuroinflammation In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?



By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


Breaches in the Barrier


The last article reported that Younger speculated that people with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) have an immune-triggered metabolic disorder.  The widespread neuroinflammation found in ME/CFS patients provides a clue, he thinks, to what’s going on. It suggests that immune cells are breaching the blood-brain barrier in multiple areas; like a flood overwhelming a dike, they’re essentially pouring through gaps across the brain.  In some diseases, the breach is local, but given his findings in ME/CFS, it’s probably blood-brain barrier wide.

Breaches of the blood-brain barrier appear to be common in neurodegenerative diseases. Studies suggest, for instance, that massive immune cell infiltrations into the brain precede the appearance of lesions in multiple sclerosis (MS).

From the beginning of his stint with ME/CFS, Avindra Nath – who specializes in these kinds of diseases – suggested this may be occurring in ME/CFS.


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