Invisible Illness Awareness Week – 28 Sep – 4 Oct 2015


Choosing To Use A Wheelchair When You Have an Invisible Illness

From, an interesting story from a lady taking the plunge in using a wheelchair for the first time……

“I’ve come to accept a few things about my chronic illness.

I’ve known it all along–but I failed to accept it as truth–

Pushing on through may result in temporary success, but inevitably it makes things a whole lot worse.

However, not one to be defeated, I have also accepted that a few adjustments may be necessary at times to achieve my goals.

If you had spoken to me at the beginning of the year and told me I would need to rely on a wheelchair a couple of times I would have told you that you were crazy.

No. Way.

I was capable and I was managing. I was walking miles each day. I was doing it.

The truth? My body was doing amazing things for me. Amazing things that it simply could not sustain.

Eventually it would break down and say “no more.”

The first time I used an electric scooter I was mortified.

I was in California, at Disneyland, and even though I felt like hell I was determined I was going to do it all and enjoy it.

By 11 a.m., a measly two hours in, I was dead on my feet and struggling to even walk.

My husband, bless him, talked me round into hiring a scooter. We had only one day to enjoy both theme parks and the options were (1) go home or (2) hire a scooter.”


For the rest of the story, click onto the link below……


Link to Invisible Awareness Week Story on Using A Wheelchair For The First Time


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