Is It Wise To Have A Pet When You’re Chronically Ill ?



By Marianne Davis in The Mighty.


There is increasingly strong evidence that sharing our life with a pet has important health benefits. Anybody who has one or more will tell you that their dog, cat, bird, rabbit or any other creature is the apple of their eye. This is especially true for those of us who are housebound because of illness. Some people have told me that they were surprised that I have a dog. They ask how I can care for her when I can barely manage to care for my close relationships, my home with my husband, and myself.

As I was thinking about what I would say on the subject, I came across a thread in one of our wonderful Facebook support groups. Someone asked whether it is wise to own a pet when one is struggling with chronic illness. The responses came in great numbers! So, I decided to base this article on some of the comments that express just what our animal companions mean to us. As you can imagine, there were several pictures of those precious friends, each cuter and sweeter than the other!

The following statements are inspired from some of the responses:

“My dog is great company and a wonderful comfort on bad pain days.”


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