Is Ron Davis’s ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center At Stanford Poised For A Breakthrough ?




By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


Ron Davis’s Stanford ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center is itching to get back to full-time lab work. It’s not that Davis and his group haven’t been working. Janet Dafoe described constant Zoom calls with ME/CFS researchers, a bevy of grant applications have been completed, put some researchers – with proper social distancing – are back in the lab. The lab, though, is on the cusp of getting some long sought work done. The groundwork – some of it years in the making – has been laid for a major step forward in several areas.

The problem has been technological in nature – which is not a bad thing, as developing new technologies has kind of been Davis’s forte. The mission of his Stanford Genome Technology Center, after all, is to “develop new technologies to address important biological questions that otherwise would not be feasible”.


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