Is This The UK’s Smallest Bakery ?




By Joan Ransley in  The Yorkshire Post


Behind the unremarkable blue front door of 6 Edwards Street, Saltaire is one of the UK’s smallest bakeries.  Nothing distinguishes 6 Edward Street, Saltaire as a bakery until you stand in front of its navy blue, front door and see a small label with the name of the bakery printed in tiny letters.

When the door opens the delicious smell of freshly baked bread and cakes wafts onto the street. Jez Belsten and Lisa Fraser own this 19th century, two up two down cottage come bakery in the heart of the historic Yorkshire village of Saltaire. When I arrive at 7.30 in the morning Jez is busy shaping bread on a long stainless steel counter. He wears a flat, cloth cap to hold his mop of dark tousled hair in place. He says a cheery hello before a timer sounds to remind him a batch of loaves is ready to take out of the oven in the scullery next door.

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