It’s Coffee Morning Day !!

It’s today !  I hope everyone attending today’s Coffee Morning has a great time.  I know the effort you are making and the payback that might come later, but sometimes it’s just worth it isn’t it ?  Just the fact that you’re getting together means that we’ve created that Community we were after and so thanks again to my kid brother Ian for all his help and hard work in making this possible.  I expect a report and maybe even a photo or two ladies !20151005_124642


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  1. I don’t want to hear the line “I’ll have a tea ern” lol

    Hope you all have a fun morning and maybe next time a few more of us can make it along.

  2. We all had a great time, I hope.
    Arrangements will shortly be underway for the next meeting and then a Christmas lunch. Hopefully a few more next time, but we did ok today.

    1. Hi Anne. Thanks for all your efforts in making this happen. Please make sure you call on others to help as needs be to spread the load. Hopefully I’ll feel more up to joining you all next time too.

  3. Hi All

    I want to say thank you, in particular Bill and Anne for helping to make this coffee morning happen. It was so lovely to meet everyone. I’m sure it was difficult for all of us to get up this morning and find the strength to get there, and there will be ‘pay back ‘ I know, but for me personally, it was worth it. You are all a lovely bunch and I’m so glad to have met you X X

    1. Just so glad it went well. I gather from Sandie that there was a bit of a crockery crash that made her think of me ! I’m going to start a campaign for paper plates and plastic forks in public places, then I might get out more ! Please rest up now and I hope it hasn’t taken too much out of you. hope to see you chatting again soon !

  4. It was great to meet up with you all. Sorry I had to leave so early. Hope your photos turn out ok.

    You were greatly missed guys, maybe next time.

  5. I would like to say how nice it was to meet you all today, it is so refreshing to know that we all understand each other. Anne & Bill thank you both for making the coffee morning come together and thank you all for using those extra ‘spoons’ to meet up. Hope it didn’t take too much out of you and put you back for too long!

  6. Hi Shirley. I hope you managed to have a good natter without it taking too much out of you. Make sure you rest up and take it easy to lessen the payback. Thanks for being a part of this Community and making it what it is.

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