When we first started out

Wide eyed at the coming years

We were so strong

We just bowled along

No worries, no cares, no fears.


Now times have changed

We’re growing apart

Body and soul

It’s breaking my heart


It’s such a sad fact,

You no longer react

To what I want to do

You don’t hear my words

It’s just so absurd

Nothing is getting through


What went wrong, we were so strong

Now just so resistant

You’re not the person I once knew

Unresponsive and so distant


The more I force, feels like divorce

The parting of the ways

Now you shun having fun

In fact we have none

The end of our happy days


It used to be we were as one

In tune with all around us

Now you’re in pain, it’s causing a strain

We really need to discuss


Something else is in the way

There’s a change I see in you each day

At least on this we should agree

That change in you, is called ME


I’ll try not to push

You’ve suffered enough

To be hit as you have

I know is so tough



So let’s work together

To get through this time

We’re both getting weaker

You Body and me Mind


Let’s not be too demanding

I know I can be at times

Just remind me when you need to

As I often forget my lines


The rope of life that connects us

Has been fraying thread by thread

But we’ll be fine if our efforts entwine

And come back stronger instead


ME just won’t beat us

It will not drive us apart

Maybe our health

Has been stolen by stealth

But we are far too strong in the heart


To all I send out this message

Let’s not be tempted to stray

Let’s vow instead, both body and head

To all beat this beast someday.



By Bill Clayton

© 31 July 2018

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