Karina Hansen 8 (Updated): The Aftermath Continues

Valerie Eliot-Smith


By Valerie Eliot-Smith.


GOOD NEWS: I originally published this post in June 2018. I am re-publishing it today (10 August) as there has been an encouraging development since then. Thank you to Bente Stenfalk (see below) for the updated information. Original post follows the update.

UPDATE August 2018

On 9 July 2018, psychiatrist Dr Charlotte Emborg visited Karina at home. Dr Emborg was appointed by the court in Holstebro to make an independent assessment of Karina’s health and her capacity to manage her own affairs. It appears that Dr Emborg’s provisional report indicates the following important points:

  • Karina does not suffer from any psychiatric illness
  • She understands the role and purpose of her court-appointed guardian and she would like him to be removed from her case
  • She is capable of managing her own finances

As a result of this assessment, there no longer appears to be any justification for retaining the guardian in Karina’s case. However, it remains to be seen if/when Judge Lillian Lund Tinggaard at the court in Holstebro will make the appropriate directions for his removal.


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