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I am 24 years old, unable to work, and live at home with my parents.

I started showing symptoms of disease around the age of 5. Fatigue and pain have always been my top complaints, and the two issues that no medicine has ever helped alleviate. Of course, I have at least a hundred symptoms other than those two, but I would take them all if I could just have a day with no pain or fatigue.

Over the years I have gradually worsened and I seem to get a new illness each year to add to the pile of diseases. I am mainly bedridden for a majority of my days and have been for years now. I am always resting but getting no rest, never feeling refreshed. Trying to charge batteries that won’t charge. I have thought about suicide more times than I ever could count due to these issues. I live a very isolated lonely life, as most sufferers do. I’ve come too far to go out like that though. I could never do that to my family/loved ones. They’ve given their whole lives to me, and I will continue to do the same for them.



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