Learning To Be ‘OK’ With Where My Health Is Right Now


Invisible Illness


By Savanna Sheilds in The Mighty.


Growing up, I had the world at my feet. I made good grades, competed in a variety of extracurricular activities, and made good choices in order to get into college and someday have the idyllic American life. I was planning on graduating college, getting hired immediately afterwards, marrying, and having children who would run around the yard, while staying within the realm of our white picket fence. It was what I had planned and what most people in my life figured I was more than capable of having.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as expected. I have finished college, even though most of the hours were accumulated online. I am married and have two beautiful boys, whom I love very much, but feel guilty for since I don’t always have the energy to do the plans they look forward to. My life has become scheduled around doctor visits and pharmacy runs as new prescriptions to manage my symptoms are filled and trialed, while I try to deal with the fact that my myriad of symptoms have yet to come to a completely stable diagnosis.

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