Living With M.E. Series …. A 17 Year Old Boy Who Is Living With M.E. For The Past 5 Years

Missing Shoes


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With May being International M.E. Awareness Month and with the #MillionsMissing campaign taking flight, it is the hope that we can bring the lived experiences of people with M.E. to the fore, in an effort to highlight the illness, the symptoms, the lack of care, the neglect, the isolation, the lack of knowledge, the utter effort it takes to get through a day.
Just think about it.  As parents we worry about our children when they get a cold or a ‘flu.  We worry about their safety when out of our sight, we worry about their homework being done, their next exam, their school grades, their hobbies, their interests, the amount of time spent in front of a TV, etc. etc.  So many things to worry about ….

For this family, the worry is completely different and overwhelming and never-ending!  We get an insight into what they have to deal with – day in, day out.
This is why we MUST get the help needed for people with M.E.  We HAVE to ensure that our government and the @HSELive take responsibility for the health of M.E. patients and provide the necessary care and treatment.  It needs to happen NOW.

The time for ignoring such seriously-ill patients is over.


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