Living With ME/CFS: The Debilitating, Invisible Illness Stealing Women’s Energy

By Lauren Clark in Women’s Health.

Gym at 6.30am followed by a G&T 12 hours later. For women who want to live life at their optimum, energy is currency. So, when an illness strikes that robs you of it, you’re left feeling not only devastated, but invisible, too. Here, one writer shares how witnessing up close chronic fatigue syndrome or also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis – a condition which many long Covid sufferers now qualify for a diagnosis of – has taught her that energy is not a certainty, but a privilege.

Sprawled on my bed at home in Lincolnshire, I was thumbing through the newly released Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince when I heard a distressing moan coming from my mum’s room. Entering slowly, I found her, sweat-soaked duvet cast aside, writhing on the bed as her limbs shook uncontrollably and she tried to fix her frightened eyes on me.

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