Living With ME Is Like Being Stuck In A Waiting Room, Says Belle And Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch



From BBC Scotland.


Belle and Sebastian’s frontman might look like the picture of health when he’s performing in front of thousands of fans.

But for most of his adult life Stuart Murdoch has been living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

He spoke about his struggles with the debilitating condition on Brainwaves.

“Sometimes it’s like the worst hangover you’ve had, and you’re going to have it all day and all next week as well,” he said.

“And then sometimes it’s like the day before you come down with a bad flu. That sort of feeling that persists and persists”.

Touring can be strenuous and Stuart has previously spoken of how Belle and Sebastian cope with his needs.

“We have a schedule that works for me. I can go away and rest all day and have the performances in the evening, then immediately rest.”

However, the band have in the past been forced to cancel a tour of mainland Europe due to his ill health.

There are estimated to be a quarter of a million people with ME/CFS in the UK and potentially 17 million worldwide.

Some in the medical profession, as well as those living with the condition, believe ME/CFS hasn’t received the research effort it requires because it has been wrongly classified as a neurological disease by NICE, the body that decides what medications and treatments should be available on the NHS.

NICE has recently agreed to review its guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of ME/CFS.


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