M.E. – Not So NICE

I’m still not ready for this existence
Despite the medical world’s insistence
So many times hearing it said
This M.E. nonsense is all in my head

Like the waiter too quick to clear your plate
When your shout is just too little, too late
Barmen taking your glass away
Still half full yet expected to pay

A history littered with things unfinished
Watching life pass as health diminished
Taken before even close to being done
And I know I’m not the only one

A good restaurant might just reimburse
A good barman too, with a silent curse
But when health is taken it’s just so stark
It’s just like switching on the dark

No longer able to go for a run
All the things I loved and were fun
Too many like this around the world
With hopes and dreams undone, unfurled

Too many hopes placed with NICE
Waiting for their roll of the dice
We’re not expecting a miracle cure
But just that healing hearts stay pure

Too many hurt already by GET
With Long-Covid too, many more yet?
Please NICE, no further alarm
Remember the mantra, Do No Harm
I’m not one for prayer, but I do today
That our half full glass isn’t taken away

Bill Clayton

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