M.E. Too Or Why I am No Longer NOT Speaking To Doctors About Chronic Illness



From Africa Clockwise.


Three weeks ago, I met the first doctor in 25 years to believe me. She is a gynaecologist and I went to consult her about my intense peri-menopause rather than my autoimmune condition. As symptoms overlap however, I had to explain my history. Dr A knew nothing about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, but asked me to spell it for her and tell her about it. She was open to my knowledge, interested and supportive.

This experience of being treated with compassion and respect by a medical professional came as a profound shock.

How different my life might have been if it was always like that.

* * *

I was a girl from Coventry, UK, who never had a day off sick in 7 years at senior school. My dream was to do drama at college, but the drama that dominated my life there was not the thespian type I’d anticipated.

Snapshot 1990: The week after I get the damning results of my student union sexual harassment questionnaire revealing the scale of date rape at Oxford University published in a national newspaper, walking through the quad, feeling like the stones themselves hate me.


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