Martin Lewis: A Drugs Bust – Stop Letting Big Pharmaceuticals Rip You Off !



By Martin Lewis in


Harry Potter’s got nowt on the pharmaceutical industry. It’s full of real wizards – both those who make drugs that help, and the marketers who have a raft of tricks to persuade us there’s hidden magic in their brands. Drug companies spend millions promoting ‘only-use-the-name-you-know’ messages… but it’s often marketing baloney, balderdash and any other ‘b’ words you can think of.

It’s incredible how many people don’t realise the games they’re playing. To prove the point, I spoke about this on my regular This Morning slot recently, and within a week, the clip had gone viral, with 7.8 million views on the This Morning Facebook page and 115,000 shares. So before I give you the tips, here’s that clip…


To see the clip and read the rest of this story, click on the link below:

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