Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Low Blood Volume


Anaphylaxis, word cloud concept on white background.

Anaphylaxis, word cloud concept on white background.


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Two symptoms occur frequently in people with ME/CFS: Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and low blood volume. What if these are not coincidental?

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People with ME/CFS have less blood than we should. We have low blood volume. We also tend to have a condition called mast cell activation syndrome or MCAS. I think these may not be two separate events. I think they may be closely linked.

MCAS stands for mast cell activation syndrome. Mast cells act as sentinels that detect injuries, infectious agents, decrements in blood supply or other changes in the body. They are early or first responders to many potentially dangerous situations.

In MCAS, mast cells become hypersensitive and chronically active.  Somehow they start to identify innocuous things like common foods, hot weather, smells, normally safe chemicals or even sunlight as dangerous.

Chronically activated mast cells are a problem because mast cells release a roster of bad actors that would make anyone feel sick. In my experience, my MCAS is inseparable from my ME/CFS because reactions to foods reliably provoke all of my ME/CFS symptoms.


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