ME And The Pain Of Looking Forward


By talmandan in The Low Side Blog.


I’ve spent the last six weeks with some strange form of writer’s block. I don’t know if it has just coincidentally been parallel to a global pandemic, or due to some debilitating levels of ME related exhaustion, or a combination of both. I’ve watched while chronic illness bloggers have produced some excellent content on how to manage isolation, or stressed how important it is that those who are healthy consider how those of us with chronic illness live each day. I’ve watched as comedian Miranda Hart has tweeted and spoken with passion about the difficulties faced by those of us who live a different way to those who go about their daily lives in the outside world. Meanwhile, I’ve been calling the fridge a prison and have felt my cognitive ability being sucked out of me. I used to write complex assessments and review reports as a professional, yet here I am, struggling to remember Miranda Hart’s name!


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