ME Association May Summary of ME/CFS Published Research – 19 June 2019



By Charlotte Stephens, Research Correspondent, ME Association.

The Index of Published ME/CFS Research has now been updated to take account of the research that has been published during the month of May 2019. It’s a little later than normal due to ME-related absence.

The Index is a useful way to locate and then read all relevant research on ME/CFS. It’s free to download and comes with an interactive contents table.

This is an A-Z list of all the most important ME/CFS research studies (and selected key documents and articles), listed by subject matter and author, with links to PubMed or the relevant Journal.

You can also find the index in the Research section of the website together with all the summary reviews that have been published.


To read the rest of these stories, click on the link below:


Link to ME Research stories

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