ME/CFS And The Coronavirus Vaccine: Is There A Better Way ?

By Brendan in Health Rising.

The choice has been a difficult one: protect oneself from a potentially dangerous virus but risk a relapse by getting the coronavirus vaccine, or not get the vaccine and hope that you don’t come down with the virus. Health Rising’s poll suggests that many people with ME/CFS/FM are indeed having a hard time with the virus: about 40% reported they were still trying to get over it three months later. While some ME/CFS experts and clinicians were wary at first, most over time advised that people with ME/CFS get the vaccine.

Most people with ME/CFS appear to get through the vaccination process fine and a surprising number of people reported they benefitted from the vaccine. A significant percentage of people, though, also report having a difficult time with the vaccines. From 27% (Pfizer)  to 36% (Moderna) of people with ME/CFS/FM reported experiencing severe side effects from second shot of the coronavirus vaccines on Health Rising’s polls. Fifteen percent (Pfizer) and 22% (Moderna) reported that their symptoms lasted more than 30 days.

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