ME isn’t real you know

ME is all just fake

I chose to give up work you know

To rely upon the state


ME isn’t real you know

It’s all just in my mind

I just fancied giving up

On everything in my life


ME isn’t real you know

ME is all just talk

I just chose to give up running

And use a stick to help me walk


ME isn’t real you know

The pain is in my head

In fact it’s also in my arms

My back, my ribs, my legs


ME isn’t real you say

It’s all just my pretend

You think I choose, my life to lose

As well as my final friend ?


ME isn’t real you say

Laziness is in my genes

You say this though not knowing

That I’ve worked since just thirteen


ME is just fake you say

I really am ok

Do you really reckon, for just one second

I’d choose to be this way ?


Lazy sod, it’s in your head

Wish I could just stay in bed

Shake it off, stop complaining

To be like that, you must be feigning


Just not possible, to have pain like that

And legs that just won’t go

To feel battered and bruised like you say you are

You’re a lying so and so……



To be this way is not by choice,

To hide from light, to hide from noise,

Friends don’t call, and that’s not all

They talk behind our back

They say we’re no fun, won’t go for a run

But then they don’t know Jack.


Hit with this, we don’t know why

Keep fighting on, is our battle cry

All we ask for is belief,

It’s taken our lives like a skulking thief


I ask for not a single pound

But when next the thought is going round

Let’s all do a charity run

What’s our cause, is there one ?

Can I ask that you keep minds free

And choose to help those with ME.


By Bill Clayton

© 2017

The York ME Community © 2015
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